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AFINOMAQ, Lda. is a Portuguese company, located in S. Julião do Tojal, that develops and produces machinery for complete bottling plants aimed to different sectors of activity. 

Together with several business partners, AFINOMAQ, Lda. is in the market not only as a producer of machinery like in 1992, year of its constitution, but as a company with personalized services in the development of personalized solutions.

AFINOMAQ, Lda. has in its structure a team of professionals of excellence, with a very high pattern of requirements, in the construction of the commercialized machines and components. 

Every day are placed in the market, products that in some point of their manufacture, use AFINOMAQ's equipments. 

The sectors of activity where AFINOMAQ, Lda. has a strong presence are: 

  • Food Industry
  • Home and Industrial Cleaning Products Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Agrochemical Industry
  • Cosmetic Industry
  • Paints, Lacquers and Varnish Industry
The main objective of Afinomaq is the satisfaction of its customers, through the presentation of the most adequate solutions to their needs and business specifications. With quality, accuracy, professionalism and technical efficiency, we want to be recognized as a national and international reference company, in the development of projects, in the construction of filling, capping and labeling machines for the several industrial activities, as well, in the trading, installation and maintenance.

Contact Details

P Industrial Do Arneiro Lt. 38, P-2660-456 So Juliao Do Tojal, Portugal
Tel:     +351 219 737 360