Many internet shopping sites, and their delivery carriers, impose conditions on suppliers when it comes to packaging, particularly for liquids or creams.

The usual requirement is that the container has a volume of 1 litre or less and has a double-sealed screw cap.

There are various ways of achieving a double seal – the bottle could be capped and have a shrink-wrap plastic shield over the entire bottle, or the capped container could be placed inside a sealed plastic bag. Both solutions add cost and have environmental impact issues.

The simplest way to achieve a double seal is with induction cap sealing.

All that is needed is a foil liner to be placed inside your existing cap before it is screwed onto the filled container. (It’s common to buy caps with the liners fitted direct from your cap supplier, you don’t have to fit them yourself).

The capped container passes under an induction field and the instantaneous heat melts the plastic on the seal creating an air-tight seal.

The hermetic seal is so strong, it is more likely the container would burst rather than the seal fail.

Amazon show an induction sealed container as an example of a non-breakable, double-sealed container.

An induction seal will easily pass Amazon’s 125cm drop test.

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Many supermarkets and other outlets also now insist on double-sealed containers.

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Peter Lauritzen, CEO of Arla Foods UK


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Paul Banks, Purchasing and Supply Director at Chemfix


« We chose Enercon’s induction sealing equipment for its reputation within the industry for reliability… We have not had any issues with any of Enercon’s induction sealers since installation – not a single breakdown in over eight years. I wish other machinery would run this well. »

Mark Leverington, Supply Chain Manager at Clarks


« You can’t put a price tag on dependability. Customer complaints are nearly eliminated and 99% of our problems were solved with the induction sealer – it was a godsend. »

Darryl King, Director of Operations for Floratine
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